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Maldives, paradise on earth
Maldives, paradise on earth

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. I love capturing the moment as well as sharing them. Hence every Friday I will showcase the Picture of the Week. Have a great weekend folks!


We celebrated our honeymoon in Maldives, which to me is the perfect place.

Long stretch of the most beautiful white sandy beach, crystal clear aquamarine and deep blue waters, coconut trees, tranquility and more are all yours.


Where did you celebrate your honeymoon or where is your ideal honeymoon destination(s)? Pray tell.


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    Amy (Saturday, 01 October 2011 23:58)

    Awesome scenery! (Is that the correct spelling?) Anyway, I was thinking perhaps we can have an agreement to travel and celebrate our anniveries together some years in the future, likely when we are old and grey . That is, if you like it too.

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    winifredling (Sunday, 02 October 2011)

    Amy, that sounds wonderful!