Bite-size tip: Starting a Gratitude Journal

For many years I was fairly inconsistent in keeping a record of my gratitude and that changed when I discover its power in changing my perspective and mood.


Today's bite size tip is starting a gratitude journal. The only way to experience the power of gratitude is to put it into action and evaluate its effectiveness for yourself.


I used to record my list on a small notebook and often time I misplaced it. Hence I was thrilled to find a good iPhone app that allows me to maintain my list. My app of choice is Gratitude Journal Your Positive Thought and I have been using it since the beginning of this year.


I like it for the following reasons:


1. It is simple.

2. You can rate your day. Behavioural monitoring is an effective path to self-awareness.

3. You can include an image. I normally include one that means something to me for the day.

4. You also get interesting quote daily and I love quotes. 

5. It is affordable. 


Of course, you are free to choose to write in a notebook or use any other apps.  Do your gratitude list at the end of the day. It is more important that what you write comes from the heart. Sincerity precedes quantity.


You will not regret starting this habit. Try it today.



A sample of my list.
A sample of my list.