A special bloom

By all accounts, this orchid is ordinary.


Yet, there is a beautiful story behind it.


This pot of orchid was given to me when I gave birth to my daughter. Not one with green finger, the plant died a few weeks after it has blossomed. Or so I thought.


We left the pot at the balcony, intending to clear it when we have the time.


Unknowingly, my nanny has been watering this pot from time to time.


Her effort bore fruit because few days ago she spotted several buds on the branch. Excitedly, she moved the plant indoor. It has been such a pleasure to watch each bud blossoms the past week.


I am impressed by two things and these are lessons that I want to remember and share with you today.


Firstly, the resilient of the flower. While it's not exactly a miracle, I truly did not expect it to bloom again. Especially when it was completely neglected when we were away for about three weeks. Yet, it survived. Correction. It did not only survive but it blooms. 


Secondly, my nanny's persistence. She kept on watering the plant for more than five months even when there was no sign to suggest that it will bloom. That kind of endurance is admirable. All credit goes to her that we get to enjoy this gorgeous orchid today.


Perhaps you're in a situation where you feel that your effort is futile. My wish is that you will find hope in this simple story. Sometimes, we just need to do our part consistently. And when we least expect it we receive our sweet rewards. Don't give up.