What my toddler teaches me

The first time my little one swam in a big pool. This was in Dec 2013 in Bali.
The first time my little one swam in a big pool. This was in Dec 2013 in Bali.

We brought our little one for swimming in the public pool today. The picture shows her more than a year ago when she had her first dip in the water. Throughout the past year, her exposure to water was limited BabySpa with occasional dip in the private pool.


Witnessing her at the public pool today, I found learning moments from my almost 2 year old.

 1. It is okay to be afraid. Go into the water anyway.

As she grows older, my little girl seems to have developed a slight fear for water. She would grab tightly unto us when we go into the water. Still she would try to manage her fear and never said no or cry. I think that is the definition of "courage". Indeed, "I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it" ~ Nelson Mandela.


2. Know your own limit.

As this was the first time O has been in a pool with so many features, the crowd and stimulation was rather overwhelming. We exposed her to different things in the hope of finding out what she prefers. Hence, she sat in her "boat"  as we went around the water features. Eventually, she verbalised that she would like to push the "boat" as she went about in the water. I find this an important skill to learn - understanding yourself and knowing what sort of risk you're willing to take. This lesson is not only applicable in swimming but life as well.


3. Dare to make your preference known.

When we wanted her to try to swim using the arm floats (instead of sitting in the float), she was able to articulate her preference that she wanted to sit in it. I think that the key to having children who are able to express their preferences and own views is to know that they will be heard in the first place. I am thankful that we have created a safe environment for her to know that her voice is important and she can also express her views even if they differ from what we want.

Children are the best teachers. There's much to learn from them. 

What have your learned from your child? Do share your experiences.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend.