How would you choose?

I was in an interesting position today.


When I arrived at a favourite food stall, I discovered to my dismay, I didn't have my wallet. These days, there are many places which allow for cashless payment but this stall didn't.


What should I do?  In my mind, I had two options:

1. Sulk, blame myself for not bringing my wallet and feed myself from a cashless stall.


2. Find a solution.


The solution that I could think of at that time was to borrow cash from someone and offer to transfer the money first. I have never done this before and I wasn't sure if anyone would be open to doing that.


In spite of my discomfort, I approached the lady in the queue, explained my predicament and asked if she would be willing to help me. After the initial surprise, she agreed. I was delighted and quickly did the transfer in her presence and once the transaction went through, she handed me the cash!


Woo hoo. I managed to get the coveted food and I savoured it deeply, literally and metaphorically,  for the lesson it has taught me.


The lesson is this:

When you want something badly enough, you will step out of your comfort zone, be creative about how you can achieve your goal and act on it.

It helps that I am an avid foodie and I was single-minded about wanting to eat that particular dish.


How would you have chosen? What are you willing to do to achieve your goals?

How can you tap into your strengths and think out of the box to get creative solution?


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