This little girl is me

This little girl was very timid and anxious but also curious about human behaviour. She grew up in a small town upstream of Rejang River in Sarawak with limited exposure. She loved reading and studying. Doing well in exams and being praised by teachers made her feel good about herself so she continued to strive for the best, which became her identity.

She learned early life that it is important to build social and relational capital. She was a good friend to those around her, sometimes to the point of ignoring her own preferences and needs. She became a people-pleaser and approval seeker without realising.

She relocated to Singapore at age 18 and a new journey of self-discovery began. She faced her first massive failure and started to feel stupid being in one of the top colleges. Yet, her superpower in being nice and great at making friends helped her through. She rebounded and did exceptionally well in the university and her confidence was restored. Armed with a good degree and positive attitude, she was ready to take on the world.

She soon learned that life is full of twists and turns, and she faced one setbacks after the other. Among others, she lasted in her first job for only 6 months, 5 months in the next. She found her calling as a Psychologist but fell ill and suffered from strokes and had to undergo two brain surgeries. It was a dark period of her life but she persisted.

In all of these, she never gave up. Today, she found her meaning and purpose in supporting individuals to pursue the relationship of their dreams as a Couple Therapist and Relationship Coach. From her own childhood, she experienced and understood the pain of being in a dysfunctional family and she works hard to help other couples and families to build a more harmonious and healthy relationship. The legacy that she hopes to leave behind to shift the mindset of individuals with regards to early intervention in couple counselling, and normalizing couple coaching as a health check.
This little girl is me!
To my precious daughter and all the little girls out there: you are worthy and enough. When you know of the strength and goodness that is within you, you will find the resilience and courage to overcome any challenges in your life and pursue dreams that will add meaning and purpose to your life. Don’t be afraid of failure and setback; they are wonderful teachers, and you are tough enough to handle them. Lean on your friends and family and invest in relationships always because at the end of the day we are social creatures whose core need is to belong.

Why am I telling you this? Because 70% of girls feel more confident about their futures after hearing from women role models.

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