Cherished Time

© Steven. At Bird Island at Point Lobos, Carmel.
© Steven. At Bird Island at Point Lobos, Carmel.

This is my mum who has traveled more than 8500 miles and spent more than 17 hours on the flight to visit us. We are thankful that she is coping well and has been a real trooper when we are up and about.


To take the picture above, we drove more than two hours (one way) and pushed her on the wheelchair up the slope at Point Lobos' Bird Island. We were told that this particular trail has just opened few days before and I am very thankful for wheelchair accessible trails.


Looking at her, one might not have guessed that mum has gone through multiple surgeries and her most recent was a brutal Decompression Back Surgery, which was performed in Aug 2010.


This trip is epic for many reasons; chief of it is a celebration of her resilience, determination and strength. I am so proud of her.


So yes, this is the main reason why I have neglected this space for the past couple of weeks. I have missed writing and connecting with my friends and readers on this blog for sure. Yet, I know I need to prioritize and cherish this precious period of connection with my mum and sister while they are here.


I believe that dad would have loved and enjoyed being here with us and we miss him. Still, I take comfort and count my blessings that mum and sister made it and are here now.


It's so easy to take their presence for granted after being together for several days so this post also serves as a reminder to myself to cherish the moments and not let them slip away mindlessly. Opportunity like this doesn't come knocking at the door everyday.


Truly this is a once-in-a-lifetime visit.


Thanks for your patience and sticking with Winifred and You. Your support means a lot to me.


Regular programming will resume soon, I promise.