Happy Thanksgiving Day!

One of the rituals that I practise after living in the US is to pause on Thanksgiving Day.  While we do not usually have a feast, I make it point to reflect and jot down what I am grateful for. This year, my gratitude list is long.


The series of events that happened the past week blew my mind and I am grateful for the spirit of courage, authenticity and vulnerability. This in fact has been the theme for me this year.


It started on Friday when I shared my perspective on PSLE and how there are more important life skills that we need to cultivate in order to face unexpected challenges in life.


On Sunday, the podcast that I had recorded earlier was launched – Getting Naked with Happiness with Stephen Lew. It was my first experience in doing a podcast and  definitely an exercise on vulnerability and courage.


To reinforce the lesson on the same, I had my first radio interview on CNA 938 on Monday evening. Prior to the interview, I was actually quite frazzled as I was late and the car that had I booked was cancelled. I dislike being late. Upon reaching the building, I was informed that my NRIC had not been registered!


I got to the studio about 10 minutes to 9 pm and when I met the presenter, Joshua Vong, his friendliness and warmth helped me to settle down quickly. I even managed to do a few rounds of deep breathing exercise to recenter myself.


I had such a great experience during the interview. While it was painful to recall those days where a constant dark cloud was hanging over me, I am thankful for the person I have become through that phoenix process. Because of my second lease in life, I strive to live my life more intentionally and with great meaning and purpose.


On Tuesday, we had our book club and the book we read was The Gift of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are. I truly marvel at the timing of it all! We had such an open, meaningful and authentic conversations on the topic that all of us left the group feeling a deeper sense of connection and belonging towards one another. What a gift indeed!


I have so much to be grateful for this year; mostly for my exponential growth, challenges, vulnerability and courage to put myself out there and dare greatly. I learn to embrace setback and failures, and to be persistent in doing the next right thing.


I remind myself constantly of the fact that God equips those whom He has chosen and that my effort is more important than the outcome. I offer up my five loaves and two fishes and take the invitation from the Lord to walk on water with Him.


On this thanksgiving day, I want to express my gratitude to God for the lessons and opportunities that He has given me; for placing me among like-minded individuals who are passionate in pursuing our mission in being witnesses in the marketplace and work towards building a society that we hope to see. I am grateful for my deep desire and commitment for learning and growth, and my continued effort to pursue excellence in all that I do.


Wishing you a blessed thanksgiving day!


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