Anytime Resolution: Create your own Personal Commandments

Anytime Resolution - As the name suggests, it is a resolution that can be taken up anytime when you feel the need and are ready for a change. I hope to provide you with some useful suggestions that will bring you closer to living a more flourishing life in various aspects.


Happy Lunar New Year to all who celebrate it. May this be a wonderful time of celebration, festivity and connection with one another.


Being the first day of the Dragon Year, it is appropriate to start the year considering a possible resolution to adopt.


Today's Anytime Resolution is to identify and create your own personal commandments. Why is this useful?


Firstly, it is a concrete and visible way of reminding ourselves of what is essential and important to us.


Secondly, these are the principles that we can use to guide our behaviours and it is particularly handy when we struggle in keeping to our resolutions. 


The idea of personal commandments resonated with me when I read The Happiness Project book. It piqued my interest and I was curious to see what my list will look like. Additionally there are certain principles that I hold close to my heart and I am just taking the next logical step by putting them down in words.


Here are my Twelve Personal Commandments:


1. God is first
2. Be Winifred
3. Give thanks
4. Love in deed
5. Trust and Surrender
6. Small things often
7. Be like a child
8. Live life to the full
9. Expect discomfort
10. Be mindful
11. Respect the season.
12. Pick the right battle


It took me several weeks to distill my list to twelve commandments. There is no fix rule that says it has to be 12 even though I find it befitting. For a start, you may find these tips helpful.


I am considering doing a series of posts explaining the significance of each of the commandments to me. However, I am mindful that they may not necessarily be something that my readers are interested in. Thus, I like to get a sense of your interest; please "Like" the post for "yay". Non-response is taken as "nay".


Also it is always insightful and interesting to read other people's commandments. Therefore, should you come up with your own set, please consider sharing them. Post it in your blog and please share your link with me. Alternatively, put them in the comment. It is a fabulous way to learn from one another and appreciate the diversity on what is important to different people.


Come, let's flourish together!


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