Anytime Resolution: Savour more

Anytime Resolution - As the name suggests, this is a resolution that can be taken up anytime when you feel the need and are ready for a change. I hope to provide you with some useful suggestions that will bring you closer to living a more flourishing life in various aspects.

© Winifred. A passionate group of musicians who were busking at SXSW Music 2012.
© Winifred. A passionate group of musicians who were busking at SXSW Music 2012.

Today's Anytime Resolution is to be present and savour more in our day to day life.


What is savouring and how does it contribute to living a more flourishing life?


Savouring refers to the conscious enjoyment of things that gives us pleasure. We can think of savouring in terms of sensual experience; say noticing the subtle taste and aroma of food.


This brings to mind an interesting episode of Ally McBeal entitled That First Cup of Coffee, which illustrates the point quite dramatically. 


Yet, savouring is not limited to food. In fact it can be applied to all enjoyable experiences. For instance, reveling in the lovely sound of a friend's laughter, holding the soft and tiny little hand of your toddler in yours, a lingering kiss with your significant other, watching a spectacular sunset and so forth.


I came across the group of musicians above at the South by Southwest Music Festival this year and this image reflects savouring to me. Not only are they passionate about creating great music, they are clearly savouring the music that they produce and this can be seen on their faces and body language.


We can also savour delightful memories and in so doing we relive the joyous experiences and appreciate them all over again.


When we savour an experience, we hold the moment in mindful awareness, paying conscious attention to the pleasant thoughts, sensations and emotions that arise in the present moment.


Savouring always occur in the present moment.  It is an intentional act that is designed to prolong and deepen pleasure, allowing us to luxuriate in its beauty.


Now, research shows that people who are able to savour the pleasant aspect of their lives are happier and less depressed than those who don't.

Consequently, when we take time to notice and savour the everyday experience and things that give us pleasure, we can dramatically intensify our experience of positive emotions.


Would you take up the challenge of this resolution? If your answer is affirmative, what would you choose to savour today?